Ruis #2

Ruis #2

  • Venue:O.J.V. de Koornbeurs
  • Length:09:00 pm – 04:00 am
  • Free Entry

Op 1 Maart is onze kelder gevulled met ambience, rook, atmosfeer, soundscapes en chill opties. Haal lekker absinth limonado bij de bar en ga liggen op een bank en ga op je eigen reis terwijl je luisterd naar minimaal en intense muziek.
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21:00 – 04:00
Entrance: free
Absinth Lemonade
Night trains to Delft

Manica is an improvisation-based dark ambient music ensemble, influenced by the Goddess of the Night in the Norwegian mythology, Nótt, who brings the night riding the horse and influences the cycle of day and night.

Barrel & Can
Barrel & Can will take you through various stages of a journey through space during ‘Het Lanceren’. Be ready for anything we might bump into, be it noise, thrust or trust.

Live noise powered art performance.
TrashPerformer, doesFCKN’BSTRDS,&24/7*NoiSeHooLigaN, a.k.a;:StiffNippleOfTerror# S.N.o.T

Far away from the normal world a Voodoo starts. The offer, the gods and the fire are accompanied by deep notes and beating ritual drums. A trap in the bush, bringing you an awkward feeling something might strike from behind.

More acts TBA