Venue rental

With its 13th century monumental cellar, the Koornbeurs is a stunning venue for parties, drinks, concerts and other activities. We use a professionally set up sound system, and our bar serves two brands of pilsener, as well as a large selection of spirits and craft beers. Everything is run by our crew of volunteers, whose enthusiasm has made many events memorable.

Our café hosts live music events on most friday nights. If you or your band are interested in performing there, send an e-mail to .

Interested in hosting a party or private event (such as drinks or activities) at our venue? Send an e-mail to . Make sure to include in the e-mail the following information: the name of your organisation (if applicable), the expected visitor count, the expected start and end times and if it will be a private event or open to the public.

Technical specifications of our venue, such as the available light and sound equipment, can be found here.

If you’re looking to organise a reception for a small number of guests (no more than 30), our tea attic is also for rent. See for example graduation drinks

Want to see what our venue is like? We’re open every weekday from 18:30 till 1:00, except wednesdays. For saturdays, check our calendar. We’ll happily welcome you at our bar!