OJV De Koornbeurs is a youth- and studentassociation in Delft. Our historical building, located in the centre of town, has, for over 70 years, accomodated young people coming here for good conversations, great parties and other gezelligheid. De Koornbeurs is a youth association for Delft and surroundings, welcoming students and non-students alike.

You'll meet all kinds of people at our cellar bar

The heart of our association is the pub underneath the monumental arches, opened 5 days a week. As early as 10 am, members flock to the building, for doing association work, meeting up with others, or for studying. The pub opens at 18:30, and at that point non-members are also welcome. Tuesday through thursday our tea attic is opened from 8 pm till 10 pm. The pub closes at 1 am, but it’s not unusual for members to hang around for a few more drinks afterwards.

De Koornbeurs is active, not only on weekdays, but also during the weekends. On friday and saturday nights we open our doors for the best parties and band nights in town. The genres vary immensely. Blues, metal, psychedelic, indie rock, and drum & bass are all commonly heard.


Every year, dozens of new members join our association. What do they have in common? Most importantly: open-mindedness. The association consists of hundreds of individuals with big differences between them. We have party animals that sleep through most of the afternoon, as well as students who spend their evenings philosophising over what would be, mathematically speaking, the ugliest triangle. But there is one thing they share: between all Koornbeursers there is a relaxed atmosphere and a mutual respect for the other persons right to their views. Anyone can speak with anyone here.


Thanks to this mutual understanding, a new member will soon find out that De Koornbeurs is more than a ‘normal’ association. We’re a tight-knit group of people in which everyone knows everyone else, and our open character allows you to meet new people all the time. Being ‘Koornbeurser’ is more than just a matter of paying the membership fee and then getting in: it’s an enrichment. Anyone can do anything in De Koornbeurs. We reach out to you, but it’s up to you to make the most of your membership.


And making the most of it, is something we’re good at. Every day something new is happening here. Some of it premeditated, some spontaneous. We organise movie nights, dinners, theme parties, game tournaments and liveshows. The day after, we might organise a barbecue, or float around the canals on inflatable dinghies. We’ll ocasionally go on excursions to the theatre, or the zoo for example, or go on a weekend trip.

Preceding a concert by the Dutch Student Jazz Orchestra

Anything that happens at De Koornbeurs, is planned and executed by volunteers. By us. Bartending, cooking and cleaning, setting up the light and sound systems for parties. Some Koornbeurs members even turn the work they did here into a career in light and sound engineering. Collectively, we have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, and we like to share it with anyone interested.

On this website you can read how that works. There are pages about our pub and tea attic, on how to become a member, how to organise a party here, and on our various committees. But whatever you do, you can always have a drink at our bar.

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